Who are we?

Build first, listen later. That’s how infrastructure projects have worked in the past.

StoryBlocks is a storytelling project that reverses that process, challenging residents to envision infrastructure change in the Twin Cities. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, and in collaboration with Friendly Streets Initiative, our goal is to bring more voices to the table to decentralize the city planning process and build equity in our communities through storytelling.

So what’s that all actually mean? It means listening. It means collaborating with community builders and our partner organizations to identify important voices and persistent infrastructure issues. When Friendly Streets works with city planners, MNDOT, and other relevant groups to create community-driven, positive change to our public spaces, these voices can be leveraged and heard.

This is an interactive site. If you feel compelled to respond to a story, please do in the comment section located under each story.

So what’s your big design? What history do you want to share? How do we not repeat our same mistakes in the future?

And while you’re at it, check out what else Friendly Streets is working on here.