We’re happy to hear you want to submit to StoryBlocks! Here’s what you need to know.

What are we looking for?

The prompt is simple: If you could change something about your neighborhood, what would it be? How do you imagine your streets differently? Submissions can be in any form — video, audio, photography, painting, poetry, etc. We’re looking for ideas, stories, hopes — whatever strikes you as worth sharing.

Is my submission guaranteed to make it on the site?

We can’t guarantee that everyone’s work will make it up on the site. That being said, we do want as many people’s work as possible up here. We won’t reject anything because it’s “low quality” or too short or long. Your perspectives are what we want — don’t worry about making it look professional.

OK. So how do I submit?

To submit, send StoryBlocks’ organizers an email at with the attached document, photos, or recording. We’ll format whatever you submit and post it to the relevant spot.

Thanks again for contributing, and see you up on the site.